Red Cap Clean Up Inc.

Our Features

Researching.... Proactive ....Application

  • Natural Products

    Our cleaning chemicals are Eco Safe and Green Cleaning products 

  • Flexible Schedules

    We do our best to fit your schedule


  • Supplies

    We supply all the equipment and cleaning products

  • Controls in Place

    We are moblie with the controls in place

  • ISSA Training

    We train from the best


  • Insurance

    We are bonded and insured.

    We also are WCB covered

  • Employees

    All employee's are security check and reliable

What gets you up in the morning?

At Red Cap Clean Up, we know what gets us fueled for the day - YOU!


Picture this, you've spent weeks preparing for that presentation or client meeting, and the day has finally arrived. You're the first in the office that morning, and as you look around, you breathe a sigh of relief. Every nook, cranny, and surface is gleaming. You head into the board room to set up for the day; once you open the doors, you can't help but smile. The room is immaculate. You take a closer look, and you notice even the wheels on the chair have been cleaned. You know today is going to be a fantastic day. You take a moment to reflect on how happy you are to have hired the right team, the Red Cap Clean Up team!


We are committed to consistently cleaning every nook and cranny so your clients experience the best of you and your facility. If you're ready to book a consultation, give us a call or send us an email today!

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