• Medical Clinics

    Doctor's offices, medical clinics, labs have high traffic areas that are critical to keeping clean. We know the importance of eliminating cross-contamination; that's why we have sufficient procedures to ensure your space is safe.

  • Dental ¬†Offices

    Walking into a dental office can be anxious for some clients. We do our part in our cleaning from the entrances, reception, floors to the chairs and instrument holders. We are sure to reduce the bioburden to keep the clinic disinfected.

  • Physio Therapy & Chiropractic Clinics

    At Red Cap Clean Up, we want to help your clients heal quickly by providing a clean and healthy environment for them to thrive in.

  • Spa and Massage Establishments

    Using natural products and approved products keeps the environment safe and clean, so your clients can relax and enjoy their treatments.

  • Optometry Profession

    Just like any other medical facility, Red Cap will ensure your offices and reception areas are cleaned from top to bottom, which is sure to resonate with your customers!

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